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We provide translation services to a large number of health agencies and organisations across Australia.

Australian Multilingual Services has recently completed the roll out of translation, voice over recording and subtitling for a video project into Assyrian, Dari, Punjabi, Persian, Sinhalese, Arabic, Burmese, and Vietnamese languages.

The video was initially created in English to teach young children (ranging from 3-6 year-olds) that looking after their teeth is extremely important and that brushing teeth can be fun!  It is not often that we have the opportunity to work on translation, subtitling and voice recording projects aimed at such a young audience.

The video positively engages families with young children on the importance of developing good oral health habits that will set kids up for life. The video features a children’s presenter and her crocodile friend and uses child-friendly cues to help young children learn the necessary skills and take an active role in brushing their teeth. In these 2-minute videos children are shown how to have some fun when brushing their teeth. Using child-friendly cues, smile like a monkey and ROAR like a lion, together with simple actions, the presenter and co-host invite young children to take an active role in brushing their teeth.

Given the usually short attention span of pre-school children, the lesson has been designed to be fun and engaging.  From a translation perspective, the challenge for this project was to ensure that the translated content was kept as simple and engaging as possible, and appropriately communicated for the age of the target audience.

From a voice recording perspective, Assyrian is not a very common language, in terms of both translation and voice recording. A degree of resourcing was required to locate and record a qualified Assyrian voice artist.  Fortunately, our extensive panel of translations and voice artists, is ever expanding to successfully meet new challenges and fulfill projects to a superior standard.

The delivery format for this project was SRT files and .WAV files, and our client embedded the voice recordings and subtitles to their videos.  This is also a service that we offer in-house, should clients prefer us to deliver finalised videos.

Contact us for more information about our multilingual voice recording and subtitling services.

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