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Australian Multilingual Translation Services has recently completed Arabic translations for The City of Fremantle Art Collection exhibition Object of the Game, an exhibition of artworks by Melbourne based printmaker and 2018 FAC Print Award winner Deanna Hitti.

In this exhibition, Hitti references her bicultural Lebanese and Australian life experiences through a critical interpretive lens which reveals how Middle Eastern people are represented, both historically in Western Art and by contemporary mainstream media.

Deanna Hitti is an Australian artist based in Melbourne with Lebanese heritage. Her multi-disciplinary arts practice spans over 20 years. She examines the foundations of different ideas and representations of the Middle East referencing historical and cultural material. She employs different methods of printing such as screen printing, cyanotypes and photography to create artist books and large scaled prints.

In order to represent the multicultural perspective of Hitti’s work, Australian Multilingual Translation Services was engaged to translate the exhibition labels, catalogue and essay from English into Arabic.

The City of Fremantle Art Collection exhibition Object of the Game Arabic translation project

This was a particularly challenging translation project given the complexity of the text which was, as with Hetti’s own writing style, a real mix of mix of East and West. The text contained dialogue about the inherent pitfalls of translation and cross-cultural disconnection, implying numerous socio-political and personal implications – circumstances that are very well understood by many non-English speaking migrants to Australia.

Our specialist Arabic translation team was very well placed to provide a sensitive and erudite interpretation of Hetti’s written materials. Our Arabic translators have experience of living in numerous Arabic-speaking countries and understanding the nuances that distinguish the culture of one Arabic-speaking cultural group to another.  In fact, many of our Arabic linguists originate from countries of the Middle East and Africa, or reside in those countries currently.

As an extension to our Arabic translation services, we also offer cultural consulting services for the diaspora of Arabic-speaking countries. We can provide essential perspectives for building strong diplomatic relations in all types of contexts and also for successful cross-cultural branding and marketing campaigns.

Contact us to learn more about our Arabic translation and cultural consulting services.

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