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Australian Multilingual Services has recently completed the translation and typesetting of technical procedure manuals into both Arabic and French for our client who designs rapid deployment accommodation utilised in sectors including construction, mining, defence and disaster relief scenarios.

Initially designed to provide emergency accommodation for displaced persons, the rapidly deployable, short to medium term, accommodation system incorporates furnishings, bathrooms and utilities.

The system has been designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and different climatic zones and, with preparation, can withstand sub-cyclonic conditions.

The procedure manuals which we translated and typeset provide guidance on the installation, operation, and disestablishment procedures of the accommodation modules.

The accommodation units are rigid-skinned, logistically efficient, fully integrated, autonomous shelter systems which provide self-sufficiency for a maximum of 12 people for up to 7 days. The system has its own life support system, including power generator, macerator pumps for sewerage, water storage and pumps, electrical systems and hut furniture; all contained on, and secured to, a load skid for systemised packaging during transportation.

Consisting of Technical translation, the challenge of this project was to reliably convey technical concepts across languages. Additionally, as Arabic copy flows from right to left, additional attention was paid to the typesetting presentation. Over the past 17 years, Australian Multilingual has established a team of expert technical translators with parallel experience across all industry sectors.  This means that we are confidently able to ensure that we have the correct translator for your project.

Our team comprises expert translators for all languages across industries as diverse as agriculture, biomedicine, construction, defence, environmental sciences, fintech, geology, humanitarian relief, to name just a few.

In addition to recreating the assets in target language in a manner that reads elegantly, we also take great care to ensure that the technical jargon for a particular industry is fluently translated.

Please contact us to discuss your translation needs; we would be delighted to provide a comprehensive solution for your business.

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