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Profesional Arabic Translation Service
ترجمة محترفة من وإلى اللغة العربية

Arabic Translation Services

Welcome to our team of specialist and NAATI Certified Arabic Translators + Interpreters

Australian Multilingual has provided professional Arabic translation and interpreting services to over 10,000 prestigious clients in all fields of business, since 2004.

Australian Multilinguals’ team of professional Arabic translators provide translation from and into the Arabic language.

Our comprehensive Arabic translation service is regularly engaged by clients in the health, legal, business and advertising sectors. Our Arabic translators possess expertise in all of these fields, and more.

To ensure that we cater to all our of clients’ diverse Arabic translation requirements, we maintain a large panel of professional Arabic translators and interpreters. Our primary Arabic translator and proof reader has been working with Australian Multilingual for over fourteen years.

Our team of expert Arabic translators and interpreters also possess professional training in a wide range of specialist fields of business. Our extensive panel of Arabic translators includes NAATI Certified Arabic translators, as well as specialist Arabic legal translators, Arabic marketing translators, Arabic medical translators and Arabic scientific translators.

We also offer specialist Arabic interpreters with expertise in all of these fields, as well as Arabic NAATI interpreters, both male and female.

Australian Multilinguals’ client list for Arabic translation services includes state and federal governments, metropolitan and regional councils and fortune 500 companies as well small and medium business and private clients for whom we translate official Arabic documents with NAATI certification, for migration, professional and legal purposes.

Our Arabic document translation service is available either by visiting one of our offices which are located in SydneyBrisbanePerthMelbourneAdelaideParramattaGold Coast and Sunshine Coast, or through telephone and email communication.

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    Spoken Arabic dialects may differ to Modern Standard Arabic in the following ways

    Simpler grammatical structure. Pronunciation may differ for some letters, as can be the case between different spoken Arabic dialects. Each dialect has words and expressions that are particular to that dialect. Spoken Arabic is never used for written text, unless the text is by a humourist, conversation is being quoted, or a populist voice is desired. Spoken Arabic has a more casual vocabulary and style than written Arabic. Certain words and expressions only exist for the spoken dialect and do not exist in written form.

    Arabic Translation Services

    Arabic Document Translation Services

    Australian Multilinguals’ extensive panel of Arabic translators enables us to translate a diverse range of subject matter, with the highest degree of accuracy and skill; ranging from industrial machinery instruction manuals through to property development marketing brochures.

    Our Arabic translation service has the expertise to create copy that engages new target audiences, both in local markets across the Middle East and Africa, and also within Australian Arabic speaking communities.

    All of our Arabic translators have been carefully selected, allowing us to ensure that cultural sensitivities and language idiosyncrasies are thoughtfully attended to throughout the translation process, without sacrificing any of the credibility or efficiency of your original messaging. Our primary Arabic translator has been working with us for approximately 15 years.

    Specialist Arabic typesetting services are also available to our clients as a complement to our Arabic translation service. Once your Arabic translation has been perfected, we will create print-ready artwork for your beautifully designed document, replicating the source artwork with Arabic text.

    Arabic Marketing Translation Services

    Translation into Arabic requires a degree of creative license on the part of the Arabic translator. The Arabic language often expresses marketing concepts and ideas in a completely different way to the English language. Literal translation rarely conveys the intended meaning to an Arabic-speaking audience. For this reason, it is essential that the Arabic translator has excellent creative copy writing skills and a comprehensive understanding of the target audience.

    Our expert marketing and business Arabic translators have professional experience working for creative agencies and marketing departments. We provide scalable Arabic translation solutions for marketing campaigns ranging from product catalogues through to entire advertising campaigns for corporations and state government, across print, video, website and multimedia platforms.

    Arabic NAATI Translators

    All of our legal and migration related Arabic translations are conducted by Arabic translators who hold professional level NAATI certification. This accreditation is essential when you need to translate Arabic documents for submission to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), for the purpose of residency and citizenship applications.

    Our certified Arabic translations all carry a certification statement and NAATI stamp as well as the signature of the Arabic NAATI Translator. They are highly regarded by law courts and government departments in all Australian States. The turnaround time for the translation of general Arabic documentation such as birth certificates, marriage certificates and passports is generally 2 working days.

    Arabic Technical Translation Services

    Australian Multilingual has established an extensive team of expert technical Arabic translators with parallel professional experience across numerous technical and scientific industry sectors. Our Arabic translators hold post graduate qualifications in a broad range of disciplines, ranging from organic chemistry through to mechanical engineering.

    Our team of technical Arabic translators possess the expertise to accurately translate documents ranging from operating manuals, through to research papers and clinical trial documentation. Our Arabic translation services provide comprehensive translation solutions for companies such as Aspen Pharmaceuticals, Bayer, Virgin, General Motors and Toyota.

    Arabic Website Translation and Arabic Localisation Services

    Our Arabic website translation service will help you leverage the power of digital marketing across language and cultural boundaries in both Australia and in Arabic speaking countries.

    All website translations are conducted by native speaking, accredited Arabic translators with expertise in that field of business. Our Arabic translators translate into their native language and possess specialist language expertise for a wide variety of industry sectors. We pay careful attention to creating translated copy that is written in an engaging marketing style.

    We can also translate SEO and social media content for your digital campaigns.

    Australian Multilinguals’ Arabic translation service also offers cultural consultation for our clients who need to ensure that their marketing content is culturally sensitive to their target audiences and learn best practice for engaging with Arabic business executives in meetings and at conferences and exhibitions.

    Arabic Voice Over Artists

    Australian Multilinguals’ Arabic Translation Service includes an extensive panel of professionally trained Arabic Voice Artists, both male and female and with a range of accents and dialects

    .We offer a comprehensive in-house production service for Arabic voice over recording, with final delivery of high resolution, professionally recorded digital audio files.

    In order to finalise the localisation of your video to Arabic speaking target audiences, we can also embed the voice recording and any backing music to your video.

    You may also require subtitling and captioning services; we are pleased to also offer this service in house.

    We have worked on a diverse range of projects including corporate videos, television advertising, radio advertising, and mobile and E-learning applications.

    Sample Arabic voice demos are available by contacting us on 1300 308 983 or via email at [email protected]. Please specify whether you require a male or female, and an approximate age category for the Arabic voice over artist.

    Arabic Captioning and Subtitling

    Australian Multilingual delivers broadcast quality subtitling and captioning in Arabic language for films, television programs, commercials, documentaries and corporate and training videos, for a broad range of industry sectors.

    We can also translate screen text for animations and explainer videos, and edit your video to display translated screen text.

    Arabic Audio Transcription Services

    Australian Multilinguals’ Arabic Translation services include Arabic audio transcription and translation.
    This service is very popular for legal, medical, insurance, research and a wide variety of applications.

    Our Arabic transcription services also include NAATI certification for applications where this is required

    Arabic Video Translation Services

    Australian Multilingual provides a comprehensive Arabic video translation service. We can translate audio and visual video content into and from Arabic, as well as create subtitles and closed captions.

    Our Arabic video translation service is increasingly popular for marketing products and services to Arabic audiences, as well as for in-house training and education applications.

    Contact us to speak to one of our expert project managers about your Arabic video translation requirements.

    Arabic Typesetting Services

    Australian Multilinguals’ Arabic translation service offers Arabic language typesetting for a wide range of documents, including brochures, business cards, flyers, labels and packaging, user manuals and SOPs. We have been providing Arabic typesetting and design services since 2004.

    Arabic typesetting requires expert attention to detail throughout the production process. Arabic script has specific copy flow and punctuation protocols which differ to those of the English language. Most typesetting software applications also require dedicated Arabic versions in order to deal with the protocols of Arabic text layout.

    We strongly recommend that, for your typesetting requirements, you engage our specialist Arabic typesetting and design service.

    Arabic Translator FAQs

    What dialect do your Arabic translators work in?

    For translation, our Arabic translators work with Modern Standard Arabic, and for interpreting there are a number of dialects that our Arabic linguists work in.

    Modern Standard Arabic is the official Arabic language. It can be written and spoken, and there is no difference between the written and the spoken form.

    In its written form, Modern Standard Arabic is the language of literature and the media. Books, newspapers, magazines, official documents, private and business correspondence, street signs and shop signs are all written in Modern Standard Arabic.
    Modern Standard Arabic is taught at schools, universities and colleges. There are no local varieties of Modern Standard Arabic. The language is exactly the same across the Arab world.

    Modern Standard Arabic has developed out of Classical Arabic, the language of the Quran. During the era of the caliphate, Classical Arabic was the language used for all religious, cultural, administrative and scholarly purposes.

    What different Arabic Dialects are there?

    Our Arabic translators work with Modern Standard Arabic for written text and also for most translation assignments as this is the lingua franca for the Arabic-speaking region, that all educated Arabs from middle and upper social demographics will understand.
    We can also provide interpreting for specific dialects of Arabic where required. Broadly, these dialects fall under the following categories:

    North African Arabic (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya)

    Hassaniya Arabic (Mauritania)

    Egyptian Arabic

    Levantine Arabic (Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine)

    Iraqi Arabic

    Gulf Arabic (Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the U.A.E. and Oman)

    Hejazi Arabic (Western Saudi Arabia)

    Najdi Arabic (Central Saudi Arabia)

    Yemeni Arabic (Yemen & southwestern Saudi Arabia)

    Some of our Clients

    Prestigious companies from all industry sectors engage our specialist translation services for expert corporate translation. Specialist translation areas include the fields of Marketing and PR, Finance, Medicine and Biotechnology, Science and Technology, Travel and Tourism, Agriculture, Law, Education, and many more.

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