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Website Translation Services

Expert website translation services

Do you need to translate your website?

Our website translation service will help you leverage the power of digital marketing across language and cultural boundaries.

Website translation offers a cost-effective solution for reaching non-English speaking audiences within Australia, and expanding your business into overseas markets.

In order to market your products and services to the widest audience, both within Australia and globally, effective communication in the language of your target audience is essential. Potential customers may be able to find your website, but if they cannot understand your offer, they will more than likely use a local website.

The growth rate of internet usage in non- English speaking countries is rising at a far greater level than in English speaking countries. Here are some important facts to consider when deciding whether to translate your website:

• Asian internet users now represent 40% of world internet usage.
• Within Australia, almost 30% of spending power is controlled by Australians from LOTE language backgrounds.
• Globally, 90% of internet consumers live in non-English speaking countries.
• An engaging website written in a local language can increase the purchase of your products by over 400%.

Professional website translation will enable you to tap into these growing market places, driving sales on a global scale.

Can you afford not to translate your website for these audiences?

Website Translation – Text and Graphics Localisation

Website translation is more involved than simply translating the text content from one language to another. Cultural localisation is an essential process for integrating the whole of the site cohesively into the language and culture of the target group.Our in-house cultural consultation service can provide expert information on the distinctive characteristics and linguistic idiosyncrasies of your target audiences.

Working into more than 100 languages, our linguists translate into their native language and possess specialist language expertise for a wide variety of industry sectors. We pay careful attention to creating translated copy that is written in an engaging marketing style.

In order to assist foreign language search engines to find your website, we can also translate the meta tags (title, description and keywords) for your content.

With our customised website translation service, you can chose whether to only translate specific elements of your website, or to translate its entire content, including both text and graphic elements.

Your website may contain dynamic content requiring frequent updates; we can provide an ongoing website translation service for convenient and easy multilingual content updates.

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    Website Translation – video translation and voice over and subtitling services

    Hand in hand with website translation, the translation and localisation of video content from your website will be an essential step in ensuring that your website builds strong connections with your target audiences.
    Click here to learn about our video translation, voice over production and subtitling service

    Quality Assurance

    All website translations are conducted by native speaking, accredited translators with expertise in that field of business.

    The website translations are peer reviewed by independent translators prior to the site going live.

    Proofreading of the website is carried out once live in order to ensure integrity between translation, typesetting and content upload.

    Frequently Asked Questions regarding website translation

    Should I translate my website?

    The answer depends on whether you are looking to expand your product or service offering to customers who speak a language other than English. We know that a potential customer is far more likely to make a buying decision if the marketing copy is presented in their language. In 2014, CSA Research carried out a survey of 3,000 global consumers in 10 non English speaking countries. The research concluded that 75% prefer to buy their products in their native language.

    Do your research. Try to determine whether these new audiences will be interested in your product or service. Translate the most important pages of your website first such as your home page and core product or service offering pages. After the translated web pages have been live for a few weeks, check your analytics to determine the increase in page impressions from the countries specific to the languages you have translated into,

    Additionally, take some time to determine whether you have the resources to provide your product or service into these new markets. This could involve research into logistics – shipping costs and freight times as well as the legal requirements for products exported to specific countries.

    How much will it cost to translate my website?

    Website translation can cost from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars for larger websites. If budget it limited, start small. It may only take a few new customers to get a return on your investment.

    Why should I pay to have my website translated when I can get it translated for free?

    Be wary of machine based translations and free website translation software. Invariably, your message will not be conveyed to your target audience as you intended, due to the frequency of grammatical errors and typos with automated translation software. This can have a negative effect on your brand identity. To appeal to local audiences and create a persuasive prose, the translator must be carried out by a human translator with strong writing skills and creative licence.


    Some of our Clients

    Prestigious companies from all industry sectors engage our specialist translation services for expert corporate translation. Specialist translation areas include the fields of Marketing and PR, Finance, Medicine and Biotechnology, Science and Technology, Travel and Tourism, Agriculture, Law, Education, and many more.

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