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In the current context of heightened travel restriction and imposed self isolation for Chinese citizens and those who have traveled to China, Australia is experiencing an enormous impact on trade, at all levels of the economy.

Our Chinese translators are providing a wonderful service with translations of letters of condolences, relationship building communications and video conference calls to maintain contact and express heartfelt sympathies with important Chinese clients, manufacturers, twin city representatives, government and local council contacts.

We are also assisting many clients to devise and localise brand communication to global audiences that delivers a strong and inviting message that for many locations and businesses, Australia is open for business after the devastating bushfires.

Our clients are leveraging great support through our translation services, video interpreting services and cross cultural marketing consulting.

Speak to us about how we can support your company’s multilingual communication needs, and devise sensitive and culturally attuned messaging for your Chinese contacts and also for your global audiences.

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