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Ted Talks’ Youngest Ever Presenter – Molly Wright: AMLS produce Hindi, Urdu and Indonesian children actors’ voice overs and dubbed videos for global media release.

In very exciting news from our team of translators and voice over artists, we have just completed work on one of our most enjoyable projects to date.

We were engaged to assist with the global media launch of the youngest ever Ted Talk presentation, “How every child can thrive by five”, by the very talented and wise for her years Molly Wright of the Gold Coast in Australia. Molly is only 7 years old and has now been dubbed by the media “The next Greta Thunberg”.

In her world-famous presentation, Molly pleads with parents, carers and educators to put aside their electronic devices and engage with infants and young children in meaningful and attentive interactions, as frequently as possible from the womb to the age of 5.

Child psychologists have called this attentive engagement behavior Serve and Return interaction and have proven that this is an essential component during the 5 formative years of a child’s life. This deeply reciprocal and attentive interaction is critical for the best neural and psycho-social development. It contributes to making children feel cared for and important, and fosters strong self-confidence and the best prospects for their future success in all areas of life.

Molly Wright was selected for this presentation by a charity organization which promotes the concept of nurturing children and providing them with 5 essential elements for the first 5 years of their lives: connecting, talking, playing, a healthy home and community. These concepts are universal to every country and every culture.

Our team was approached with an urgent deadline for recreating this Ted Talk presentation video with children’s voices in Urdu, Hindi and Indonesian.  Thanks to our extensive global panel of translators and voice artists, we were able to fulfill this request in a timely manner and find children voice actors for each language who were able to professionally record the script which we had translated for them, in our sound recording studios in each country.

Once recordings were completed, our technical team were able to sync the recordings to the video, overlaid with the atmospheric crowd sounds from the original theatre audience that was present, clapping and laughing during Molly’s presentation.  The final videos were delivered as seamless productions that looked and sounded like Molly was presenting in the target languages.

We are thrilled with the performance delivered by the children voice actors and also extremely proud to have enjoyed collaborating on such an important message’s global media campaign.

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